As an Expat, your life is unique...so surely, your Last Will & Testament should be custom-made? No-one else in this entire world is living the same life as you. No-one else has the same unique mix of assets, dependents and overheads. No-one has the same ties to the UK, or the same personal set-up in the country that you currently reside in.

And no-one else will leave this world with the same final wishes.

Your Last Will & Testament has to take all this into account, so you can do your best for the people you leave behind. And that means your Will writer has a huge responsibility. They have to... consider all your assets - and tax liabilities - in both countries. Protect those assets against an uncertain future - like health care costs and new family members claiming on your estate. And comply with local law, to save your family from the pain and expense of settling your estate in our local courts. It's complex. So you have to ask, is your Will fit for the purpose? And alarmingly, for most expats, the answer is a resounding no.

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Some have no Will at all. Some have a token Will that was made online, using template software. Most others have a Will that was made back in the UK. But very few have an up-to-date Will that reflects their new way of life. Wills Global was created for the sole purpose of providing British expats expert advice on wills, inheritance and succession planning.

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