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What happens to you if you can’t make your own decisions?

Today, you’re in full control. But there could be a time in the future when you can’t make decisions, or make your wishes known. That could be the result of an accident or illness, or simply because age has caught up with you at last. But either way, it’s important that someone close to you...

How to make your Will

When you sit down with our qualified advisers¬†and start to make your Will, you’ll probably have all kinds of questions and concerns. For example: Are my savings, investments and other assets protected? Will my estate pass to the right people? Will they face inheritance tax? Who will look after my children? Will I leave bad...

Who inherits your estate?

Before you make your Will, you’ll need to spend some time thinking about your estate. Who do you want to remember, and how? Who can you trust with responsibilities, like caring for children or running a business? And what situations do you want to avoid? You won’t want the things you value falling into the...

How does UK Inheritance Tax affect you?

You’ve worked your whole life to provide for your family. So naturally, when you pass away, you’ll want them to inherit as much as the law allows. Right now, under UK Law, you can leave up to ¬£325,000 before your family has to pay Inheritance Tax. And if you’re married or in a registered civil...

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